About Me

Hi: I am Zhang, currently working for Tencent

Fields of interest:

  • Compiler Technology
  • iOS Security
  • iOS Reverse Engineering
  • Anything Darwin/XNU related

Ongoing/Planned Projects

I apparently lack the knowledge to fully understand everything here at merely 21. Consider it a TODO list for at least three more years starting from 2018

  • Some kind of Mach-O wrapper for Unicorn Engine
  • Virtual-Machine Based Obfuscation [☑️]
  • Blanc, a toolkit to help defeat my binary obfuscator Hikari, only aims for the open-source version though.
  • Noir, like Blanc, but aims to defeat Homura.

Study Roadmap:

  • Deeper look into the Dragon Book [☑️]
  • Symbolic Execution
  • Hardware-Level stuffz
  • Kernel/OS/Exploiting Techniques I’m new to all those so errors and the alike do surely present in my blog. If you found one of them or simply willing to discuss something with me, send me an email at YWRtaW5AbWF5dXl1LmlvCg== (Base64 Encoded for obvious reasons).

Enjoy your stay here!